A Personal Care Brand From the US

GEVILAN is a professional personal care brand from Delaware. After years of research in biotechnology and regenerative medicine, GEVILAN has become a leading expert in designing products for skin and oral care. GEVILAN's imaginative enthusiasm has made our products widely available in most high-end American department stores. We also collaborate with several acclaimed cosmetic agencies to provide exclusive care for people who are passionate about beauty.

Emphasize the different needs of people for aesthetics

Today, GEVILAN has expanded across 3 continents and to over 10 countries. Foreign markets make up 75 percent of our group's total sales. To ensure that each country and region maintains high standards of care, GEVILAN works with its subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, and the United States to strictly select and build robust supply chains and distribution networks.
In 2016, GEVILAN joined hands with leading Israeli beauty brands to develop and launch a series of customized beauty products, which were distributed through China's major beauty outlets and platforms.




Let every beauty blooms,freely and truly.


GEVILAN will endeavor to fulfill our promise of providing customers with outstanding products and treatments that deliver immediate results.


With combination of technology and design in mind, GEVILAN from the U.S worked with Silk’n from Israeli to launch the co-branded Beauty Care Series.
As a global pioneer of household hair removal equipment, Silk 'n from Israeli has been creating a professional beauty experience for the home use technology - HPL as the beginning. GEVILAN is the embodiment of wisdom and fashion with a variety of innovative technologies, including beauty and oral care.
With the insight of beauty trend and brand visions, GEVILAN and Silk 'n integrate innovative technology and design into the products to provide beauty care solutions.