Hair Removal Device

The Smoogo uses Israeli HPL technology, which can penetrate the hair roots and has a long-lasting lifespan of 400,000 light pulses, effectively prevents unwanted hair growth in the long run, giving you your smooth skin back. The included sterilizer effectively kills germs and bacteria so you can have peace of mind with every use.

• 400,000 Real flashes
• 12 years of personal care
• 5 energy level settings
• 2 Hair Removal Methods:Touch & Glide
• Intelligent skin color sensor
• Sanitation Stand included, clean and safe

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6 weeks of good grid and say goodbye

Method of use

Shave the treatment area
The skin should be shaved 1-2 days before using the Smoogo

Select the energy level
Select the appropriate light intensity for your skin within 5 energy levels

Energy irradiation
Keep your skin taut and make sure the epilator is at a 90 degree angle against your skin; the Smoogo will automatically emit light pulses

Product parameters: